A Blogger's Guide to Twitter

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I first joined Twitter back in 2010, when I was 12 years old and wanting to keep up with whatever Justin Bieber tweeted. Needless to say, five years later my need & uses for Twitter have changed. Instead of following fan accounts and spamming JB with "I love you, follow me!", it's one of my favourite social media networks to promote my blog. There are many different techniques that I have been trialing over the past few months in order for me to compile a list of what works and what doesn't, when using Twitter to promote your blog.

F I L L   I N   Y O U R   P R O F I L E   This is definitely one of the most important things.  I mentioned in my post about Branding Your Blog that your blog's brand should be consistent across all of your social media platforms. I like to use the same description of myself on them all and this makes such a huge difference to both your following and interactions. Personally, I am more likely to spark up a conversation / answer someone's questions if I know a little bit about them before hand, even if it's only a matter of 2 sentences. I also think it makes you a little more approachable.

T W E E T   R E G U L A R L Y   Again, tweeting regularly is a massive part of growing your Twitter audience. I'm personally less likely to follow someone if their last tweet was 4 days ago, then 2 weeks before that. You don't have to be online every other hour - scheduling can help with that!

S C H E D U L E  As I mentioned in the point above, scheduling can be a huge help in making sure you're regularly tweeting. You have to remember that there's a chance that your readers are from all over the world and we're not all in the same time zone. Using scheduling apps like Hootsuite and Buffer can queue your posts and they get an even amount of coverage throughout the day. This one comes with a warning to not overshare! I personally schedule tweets with a link to a blog post 4 times a day - 1am, 8am, 3pm and 8pm as these are the times when people usually check Twitter.

I N T E R A C T   Interacting with other bloggers is definitely the most fun thing to do on Twitter and it comes with huge benefits. Participating in Twitter chats like #bbloggers and #fblchat means you're connecting with other bloggers on a weekly basis. If you see someone on your timeline asking a question, try to answer it. If you see someone mentioning a product you love, tell them! Talking to other bloggers not only makes you have more friendships, you can build up a larger following and be part of the community.