Zero-Effort Nude Lips

Thursday, February 12, 2015
Zero Effort Nude Lips
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Not everybody has thirty minutes every morning to perfect their red lipstick application because although we like to think we have time to think straight on a Monday morning, the truth is usually that we end up leaving 2 seconds for makeup application... Maybe 5 seconds on a good day! This happens to me all to often and over the past few weeks I've whittled my lipstick collection down to three nudes that are perfect for applying quickly with no fuss, effort or time.

T H E   S T I C K   I personally like to chuck these in my bag and apply them on my way to somewhere because they're just that easy. My lip stick of choice is the Clinique Chubby Stick in Mega Melon. This is only the travel size because as I said before, this practically lives in my handbag and only rears it's head for the occasional picture-taking session. This is a beautiful, slightly rose-tinted lip pencil that is so easy to apply & almost feels like a lip balm due to how moisturizing it is. You don't even need a mirror!

T H E   C L A S S I C    L I P S T I C K   For this I like to use MAC's lipstick in Patisserie. Again, another one of my favourite nude lipsticks that I throw on when I'm in a rush and also a lipstick that I raved about massively last year before I'd discovered the next product. It's now come down to my second favourite but it's a gorgeous shade nonetheless that I still love. It's moistursing, soft, glossy & applies like a dream.

T H E   L I P   P E N C I L   Lip pencils for me are a relatively new addition to my stash and I'm only just starting to get used to applying them. They're slightly different to the stick in the fact that they're pencil form (almost like a giant crayon!) & they're sharpen-able. NARS' lip pencil in Descanso has been my most-worn lip product since the beginning of the year and I'm definitely going to have to purchase the full size when I run out of this! If you're a fan of the NARS lip pencils or lip pencils in general, there is currently a set of 5 for just £32. Amazing bargain!

What is your favourite nude lipstick for on-the-go?

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