25 Things That Make Me Happy

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Curling up to watch some trashy reality TV with a nice cup of tea.
Cosy slippers.
The feeling of satisfaction when you complete an essay that took hours.
Campfires & melted marshmallows.
These photos.
The words, "would you like a cup of tea?"
Or even better, "would you like to try this makeup?"
Blush pink peonies & tulips.
Sitting in the garden with Meenie lay right beside me.
Caramel shortbread.
Kanye's first album.
Having a scrapbook full of childhood photos & memories.
Spaghetti carbonara.
Christmas (sorry - I hate to be that person.)
Red lipstick.
Making lists. And more lists.
Starting a new TV series and being completely hooked (ahem, Gossip Girl)
Hand lettering.
Remembering the days when we young & sold homemade lemonade outside my house.
And the time my friend & I were obsessed with Justin Bieber.
Shoe shopping
The sea, when I can see the bottom & it's warm and frothy.
Exploring new places.
Reading my favourite blogs.

what makes you happy?