25 Free Resources for Bloggers

Saturday, February 21, 2015
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For the past two years that I've spent blogging, I've slowly but surely built up a little collection of resources that I use to help with my blog. Instead of them sitting in my Bookmarks for just myself to use, I thought I'd share some of the sites and tools that I am a frequent visitor too, to hopefully help you with your own blog. Also, all of these are free. Enjoy!

1  FLICKR  is what I use to upload images. Unlike Blogger, it doesn't dull the quality!
 SUBTLE PATTERNS   find hundreds of free, subtle backgrounds.
3  BLOGLOVIN   you probably all know this - an essential for every blogger!
4  TWITTER  is an essential for any blogger. Learn more about the Blogger's Guide to Twitter.
5  CANVA   super easy for creating graphics
6  KEYWORD TOOL   title suggestions and keywords for your post.
7  PINTEREST   pin photos of inspiration and/or share your own content.
8  W3 SCHOOL   looking for help with coding? Look no further!
9  GOOGLE DOCS   is where I keep my editorial calendar as it's accessible from anywhere.
10  DO NOTHING   take two minutes off and chill.
11   FOTOR   want to use Curves without Photoshop? Try this!
12  GOOGLE FONTS   is a place to get hundreds of fonts, for free, that can be used alongside Blogger.
13  DAFONT   another place for hundreds of free fonts available for download.
14  INSTAGRAM   a place for sharing photos and connecting with other bloggers.
15  GISTS   for inserting codes into blog posts without actually applying the code to your blog.
16  ANGIE MAKES   a place for some gorgeous, girly clip art.
17  BUFFER   a life-saver for tweet scheduling. Free for up to 10 tweets.
18  BLOG TOPIC GENERATOR   a perfect site for inspiration when you're lacking creativity.
19  THE NOUN PROJECT   a place for finding icons for anything!
20 POST IDEAS   twenty content-rich, blog post ideas for all kinds of bloggers.
21  XOMISSE  I can't count the amount of times Elaine has helped me with her simple coding tutorials.
22  PICMONKEY  an awesome site for editing photos.
23  ETSY   looking for another blog design? There's some amazing ones here!
24  DISQUS   is what I use for commenting. I'll never return to Blogger's commenting system!
25  FREE BLOG RESOURCE LIBRARY   OK, so I may be a bit biased as I set this up but I have to say, it's great for bloggers.

Phew, there we go! Have fun clicking through and make sure to let me know your favourite resources. Let's all help each other!