brunch in debenhams

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Earlier this week, Mummy Dopson and I set out on a mammoth 5 hour shopping trip and realized we needed to stop off and refuel from all of that hectic running around! 
After walking around Debenhams for a while, we settled on their restaurant on the top floor. 
Here's just a few snaps of what we got.

Supreme hot chocolates all round! A delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream and a flake. Yummy!
Next, a patisserie tart topped with cream, strawberries and a lovely strawberry sauce. There's only one word to describe this. Amazing. We shared this and split it in half, which was a good idea considering neither of us could finish it! Gorgeous, but very, very sickly. We should stop off for some body fuel whilst shopping more often!

LFW: john rocha aw '13

Monday, March 18, 2013

John Rocha's Autumn / Winter collection was one of my most anticipated for this year's London Fashion Week. It showed stunning pieces bursting with a huge variety of colour. From rich and salmon pink, to delicate yellow and youthful green, ending in dark, more mysterious colours. Every piece in his collection was carefully designed and put together - nothing new for Mr Rocha! Overall I loved the collection, and it was definitely worth the wait!

PFW: céline fall '13

Saturday, March 16, 2013

This year in PFW, the Céline runway show was one of my favourites. A mixture of tartan, subtle and grey colours which looked sleek yet confident were on the cards for this year's fall collection. The boots which almost all of the models in the show wore, are sleek and elegant. It just goes to show how sometimes, a shoe isn't the b all and end all of an outfit! Good job, Phoebe Philo!

whoopie blasters!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Bubble baths, candles and a nice book, accompanied by a lovely bath bombs are my savior. I usually always head straight to Lush when I'm in need of a luxurious bath bomb, but I was in a shop that sold Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs with their new range of the whoopie blasters which I just had to try!

 The thing that caught my eye about this bath bomb first was the look of it. Have you ever seen a bath bomb in the shape of a mixed doughnut/burger? I surely haven't! It also smells so good too. You should know by now that I'm terrible at describing scents but it is just sweet and soft and I would say very feminine.

There were also these little coloured balls which looked like mini hundreds of thousands on the top. A few fell off into my hand so I threw it over and into the bath where I found it fizzed and left a line of the colouring down and on the bath! I was quite hesitant to throw in anymore just in case it stained the bath, so I tested it in a pool of warm water in the sink and it washed away fine!

Overall, I would 100% reccommend this bath bomb and Bomb Cosmetics overall! Yes, I know, I'm comparing it to Lush again, but it's such an amazing (and cheaper) alternative, especially when this only costs £3! It's amazing!

Elise ♥

mushroom extravaganza

Sunday, March 10, 2013
Who doesn't love mushrooms?
Who doesn't love Frankie and Bennys? 
Who doesn't love them when they're together?

Seen as though it's Mothers Day, my family and I set off to the delicious Frankie and Benny's restaurant for a nice family meal. As per usual, my little mushroom addict self just ordered dishes based around mushrooms! Here's just a few snaps.

First up was garlic and cheese mushrooms served on a bed of toasted ciabatta. As it says on the menu, Belissimo! 

Next a lovely array of penne pasta served with mushrooms and cheese sauce, topped with a fresh rocket salad. Yummy!