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Friday, October 11, 2013
Yet again, I have been disappointed with a number of Maybelline products. On Wednesday, I posted about their new brow mascara, BrowDrama. It's not as good quality as I'd expect with Maybelline, and I was extremely disappointed with their super-hyped-up Baby Lips.

By the way that everyone had described them, I walked into Boots expecting them to be laid out on a giant, perfectly pink cushion with fairy lights surrounding them just in front of the main doors. It's fair to say that the hype and drama surrounding these was insane. I picked up the Peach Kiss and Repair because you always need a good, trustworthy repairing lip balm for Winter.

It's fair to say I was extremely disappointed in them. Maybelline claim them to last 8 hours, and on me, they're lucky to last 8 minutes. I think that they feel very watery somehow on your lips and although they smell divine, they're just a pain to put on and wear. I've battled through the horrible feeling and find that either do not moisturize my lips or help them in anyway. My main uses for them are to have a nice, short term gloss over the top of a lipstick. Even then, they last and moisturize for no longer than half an hour. Plus, I can promise that I didn't have a chomp on the purple balm - I always forget to wind it down before putting the lid on. Woops.

Again, I would not recommend these to anyone for any other reason than a super-quick gloss over your lipstick. Maybelline, I'm disappointed in you!

Elise ♥


  1. I wasn't a fan of these either, I don't understand why people went so crazy for them! x

  2. I'm dying to try one but don't want to be disappointed, nothing ever lasts on my lips!

    1. I'd recommend trying one as everyone's lips are different, but if nothing ever lasts on them I suppose it's better saving the money and buying something which you know will work :) x

  3. I agree |: These are not that moisturising and I hate the Peach one because I can feel the glitter on my lips... xx

    // Inês Paúl //

  4. Aww it's a shame you didn't get on with them, I love them! Danielle x


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