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Wednesday, February 04, 2015
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This week has been a busy one. Family birthdays, appointments and just general life-ness has made this week be a one where my feet have barely touched the floor, all for good reasons. Since we don't get much chance to talk on here other than beauty or blogging related, I thought I'd bring in a new feature. You should know me and features by now - I find it hard to stick to them as I get bored quickly but I'll try my best!

+ A  N E W  L A P T O P  Last Sunday was my birthday and I was very gratefully gifted a new laptop to replace my old one which was clinging onto it's final straws of life (that may sound like I'm over-exaggerating but seriously, waiting 10 minutes for it to turn on is mundane at the best of times!). I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to setting up new technology - I love it! It's nice to have a fresh, clean space to do all my blogging work on that also doesn't break my arm when I pick it up.

+ S N O W  I posted last week about the snow that we had recently (read here) & it actually stayed around for a fair amount of time. One of my highlights from the week was being woken up by my mum screaming "Elise, look at the snow!" and pointing out of my bedroom window. She soon regretted that when I dragged her out at 8am for a Winter morning walk, just me, her & my camera. Although Meenie wasn't a big fan of the snow, I thought it was perfect.

+ I N T E R A C T I O N S  I've also noticed a huge surge in my blog comments, stats and Bloglovin' likes recently & haven't the slightest clue why but I'd just like to say thank you! I don't mean this to sound like the start of an award-winning speech but I am so thankful for the support I get from the people who read my blog, even if you do live miles away! I love how I'm able to turn on my phone at any time of the day and there will be someone with an answer to your question. That's one thing I love about the blogging community.

+ D R I V I N G  Also for my birthday my dad bought me driving lessons which means I should be on the road sometime this year! When I was younger, my dad & I went camping every Summer and I'd beg him to let me drive his car in one of the spare fields. Since then I've loved the idea of being able to drive and it's pretty much first on my bucket list. All I need to do now is start my lessons and get learning - I'm so excited!

What was your highlight of this week?

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