MAC Blue Brown Pigment

Sunday, February 15, 2015

MAC Blue Brown Pigment Swatch 2

If I had to think about the product which has been on my wishlist for the longest amount of time, it'd have to be MAC's Blue Brown pigment. I know - a rather extravagant choice and one that I probably wouldn't get much use out of but after seeing a tutorial on it yonks ago, I knew I couldn't be without it for much longer. I very gratefully received this for Christmas & I'm so pleasantly surprised! I wanted to wait out a while to make sure that it wasn't a post-Christmas novelty but this seriously is amazing. Like, really amazing.

This pigment retails for £17. Although that seems expensive for this tiny pot, a little bit really does go a long way - so much so that I have only been working out of the lid for the past two months & I've used it plenty of times! The colour of this is what drew me to it instantly. I've never seen something that looks so gorgeous! As the name suggests, this pigment looks brown when on your eyelid but has an almost duo-chrome finish that looks blue in certain lights. If you wanted you could wear this alone because the shade turns to a gorgeous, warm red when buffed into the crease, then blue/brown when packed on the lid. It's versatile is to say the least! The only thing I'm not keen on with pigments is how messy this is... Thank God I don't have white carpets in my bedroom!

Do you own any pigments? Which are your favourites?

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