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Friday, February 13, 2015
Photography Equipment

Photography is one of my greatest passions. I love nothing more than taking my camera on a walk (saying that makes it sound like a pet - I promise, I don't feed or water it...) in the countryside to snap away / probably fill up two memory cards. Recently I've been getting much more questions regarding my photography & seen as though I don't discuss how I edit, take or what camera I use, I thought I'd make a little photography-series. This post will be my equipment, the next will be 'taking the photo' and the final section will be editing. I hope you enjoy it!

Photo Equip - Camera
T H E   C A M E R A
The camera I use is the Canon 600D. This was my first DSLR after a year of taking blog photos on my phone. By no means does an expensive camera mean better photos - to me it's all about how you take the photo. I bought this for three reasons; family photos, blogging pictures & filming YouTube videos. So far I have no complaints photo-wise, the only thing I'm disappointed with is sound quality but that's not a huge deal to me!

Photo Equip - Lenses
The Canon 600D comes with the standard 18-55mm lens. I used this for around 7-8 months before I upgraded to the Canon f/1.8 50mm lens. Personally, I found that although you could zoom in-and-out with the original lens, it didn't give me much depth of field (higher f-stop). It also didn't take photos well in low light. Since the lens switch late last year it's all I've been using and to say I'm obsessed with it is an understatement. It gives me a blurry background, gorgeous photos and works well in low light. No complaints from me!
Photo Equip - Other Bits

O T H E R   B I T S
One of the most useful tools I use when taking photos is a small Canon remote. I bought this extremely cheap from eBay and it's the best money I've ever spent. If you're taking photos of yourself or just need to move whilst the photo is being taken (ie. holding something), it's a perfect little thing. The tripod I use is just a random one that was passed down from my dad but I think any tripod is an essential. When it comes to photography, one thing that is rarely discussed is memory cards. When I was younger I'd carry about 4 memory cards around with me because they were that small and couldn't hold anything. The SanDisk 62GB memory card is my lifesaver. It can hold videos & photos and it's very rare that I have to clear it!

What do you use for taking photos?

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