A New Favourite Mascara

Monday, February 02, 2015
A New Favourite Mascara 2

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If you've been a regular watcher of my Y O U T U B E   C H A N N E L over the past few months, you'll know that I was obsessed with the Rimmel Wonderful Mascara. It was the only one I used & I thought there was nothing better. I was wrong. I picked up Maybelline's new Lash Sensational mascara whilst on an impromptu visit to Boots and I haven't looked back to my old obsession. This mascara is on a lower introductory price at Boots at the moment so it's an absolute bargain of £6! It's life-changing (as much as a mascara can be...).

This mascara makes my lashes look so separated and fluttery; something which I always look for in a mascara. The thing which amazes me most about this is the brush. The plastic brush is shaped in a strange way that works so well - it has the top section of the brush curving downwards to mimic the shape of the eye, & if you flip the brush upside down you get a brush the perfect shape to apply mascara on your bottom lashes. It's the blackest of black formula and doesn't crisp up my lashes. Although it is much cheaper than many other mascaras in the drugstore, it's gone above & beyond my expectations and would definitely recommend if you're on the hunt for a new mascara!

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