Makeup Brushes I Couldn't Live Without

Friday, February 27, 2015
real techniques buffing stipiling brush review

Makeup application has come along way since those old sponge-tip plastic applicators and I'm a firm believer that Real Techniques' Buffing Brush changed the way the world applied foundation. Long-gone are the war-paint style foundation brushes that simply smeared foundation all over your face with not a sign of blending in sight, and in come a simple way to apply your base without getting cake-face. Being a daily makeup wearer comes a long list of brushes that I've prayed will make the mundane morning task of applying day time appropriate makeup a little bit more bearable. Not many have stuck around that I've depended on for a while but here are a few that have made the cut.

My ultimate favourite brush is Real Techniques' Buffing Brush. As I previously mentioned, this brush changed the way foundation was applied. It blends the thickest/thinnest foundation to the point that it just looks like skin - no cake face in sight! Another Real Techniques brush I love is the Stippling Brush. I used to use this for foundation and although it does a great job at stipiling makeup onto the face, I think it's best used for cream blush. Simply dip this in your favourite blush and apply it with this - you'll get the most plump, healthy looking skin with no streaks, un-blended areas or patchiness. It's the best.

For highlight I wouldn't be without my Crown Fan Brush. This combined with theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer is a dream combination that I'm completely obsessed with at the minute. It applies the perfect amount of product and so far, no shedding! The next two brushes come from the great ole' site of eBay. The first is an amazing dupe for the MAC 217 brush. I've mentioned before that I refuse to spend that much on a makeup brush, so I had to find an alternative. I have around 4 of these in total and I use them everyday to blend out my eyeshadow. The next is a set of 4 and I use slightly less dense brush to blend out concealer. Again, it's surprisingly soft and does the job perfectly!

What is your favourite makeup brush?

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