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Saturday, February 07, 2015
Brand Focus MAC

Since starting my blog way back in 2012, I've accumilated my fair share of MAC products. I remember in 2013 when the blogging world went mad for a little piece of MAC and hyped-up products were everywhere, thus meaning I built a little collection. Now that I've gotten older I have realised that there are more makeup brands which are on par with (or even better) than MAC. Whilst sat in the bath yesterday - a place where all good ideas come from - I had the idea to introduce a new feature, doing small mini-reviews on all of the products I own from that brand. Because I know that this blog has audiences of all ages, I'll be doing both drugstore & high-end versions of this feature. If there's a brand that you'd like to see in this series, tell me below!

STUDIO FIX FLUID  was the second product I ever bought and the first piece of high-end makeup I purchased with my own money. It was a happy day! As you can see I'm completely ran-out of this foundation and have been for the past year but I can't bring myself to throw it away just incase I need it to photograph. Hoarder probs. This is a thick, full coverage foundation that just about caters to my skintone (I'm NW10 if anyone's wondering!) that will always hold a special place in my heart.

MINERALIZE SKIN FINISH  from MAC are not my favourite things. I bought the shade Soft & Gentle a few years back and it's just been sitting, untouched, in the back of my makeup collection for years. As I've said in almost every blog post I've written, having pale skin is so difficult when it comes to makeup. This pulls off so orangey on my cheeks and although it looks gorgeous in the pan, it doesn't look like that on my skin!

EYESHADOWS  are one of the cult products from this brand and for a partly-good reason. I own my own palette (read more on that here!) & have collected around 10 since, ranging from neutrals to purples and shimmers to mattes. I personally find MAC shadows hit-and-miss; sometimes they're incredibly pigmented and easy to blend and other times they're the complete opposite!

LIPSTICKS  Ah, my favourite MAC product of all time. I'm a huge sucker for MAC's lipsticks and the range they have is incredible, from formulas to shades. You can read a more detailed round-up of my MAC lipstick collection here but I think that some notable shades are; Patisserie - a simple, gorgeous, everyday nude; Lovelorn - the perfect mid-toned pink; and Russian Red, a staple red lipstick that any makeup lover should own!


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