Hi! I'm Elise, 18 and currently living in the UK. This is a lifestyle , design & beauty blog run by me; a kitten obsessive, nature lover & all-round beauty girl. Like most teenagers these days, I haven't a clue on what I want to be "when I'm older" so I'm just floating around on whatever takes my fancy. What I do know is that I make a mean spaghetti carbonara but we'll save that for another day!

I spend the majority of my days nattering about beauty to someone who probably doesn't care or cosying up to my teenie kitty, Meenie (who is not so little any more), watching endless episodes of Orange Is The New Black. Please tell me that I'm not the only one obsessed with this programme?! I'm a huge fan of photography and probably spend way too much time on Instagram. Trust me, it's the epitome of a modern teenager's life.

I also love: walking barefoot, bold lipstick, graphic design, scrapbooking, countryside walks, pinterest, fresh flowers, blogging (duh), posting embarrasing photos to the internet, the Great British Bake Off (and baking in general), summer, diary-writing & kittens. The best way to find more about me is to read my blog. I hope you enjoy!