grammys 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013
Music and fashion are two huge parts of my life, and so I look forward to the Grammy Award Show which every year promises amazing performances and dolled up celebrities in amazing dresses! So, as I'm sat down  and have just finished watching the show with a nice cup of tea, pyjamas and the fire on I'll do my best and worst dressed celebrities :)

Best dressed:

Who doesn't love Rihanna? In this stunning red dress paired with loose wavy curls she look absolutely stunning! Her hair is a gorgeously ombred, and her open back dress looks beautiful.

Taylor Swift
 I love Taylor Swift, she just seems so beautiful just walking around with her perfect skin and perfect dress and perfect hair and makeup! She just reminds me of a little princess and this long white dress and with the slit (eurgh I hate that word) down the side and silver embellishment across the chest, it definetely makes her look stunning.

Queen B
Now for my ultimate girl crush, Beyonce. She looks absolutely beautiful in this monochrome jumpsuit accompanied by a pair of black heels. I love everything about Beyonce. Her hair, what she represents, her music and her fashion sense is amazing. She looked so sophisticates and classy. Effortlessly beautiful. Easily the best dressed!

Worst Dressed:

I'll be the first to admit I'm not a huge fan of Adele. I don't particularly like or enjoy listening to her music because it's just not my taste... Along with this dress. Her hair and make up looks as beautiful as ever, but this black and red floral dress doesn't appeal to me at all!

Anoushka Shankar
To be completely honest, I'm not one to wear or like lace dresses. I think they have to be worn by a certain type of person for them to look decent, and I'm afraid that I'm not a fan of this lace dress worn by the lovely Anoushka Shankar. The red heels are gorgeous, though!

Lila Downs
I feel so bad for naming all of these celebrities who I think are the 'worst dressed'! I'll rephrase it to 'celebrities who wore dresses not to my taste'. I feel so horrible slating their dresses! This two piece body suit worn by Lila Downs accompanied by a blue shrug is seriously not to my taste at all. For me, there's too many colours in one outfit and I don't know where to look!

Mumford and Sons are one of my favourite bands in the whole world. I'm so glad they won Album Of The Year for their album Babel. It's such an amazing album, and if you're not too keen on Mumford and Sons I'd love it if you'd just watch their AMAZING performance at the Grammys if you can and tell me what you think! I even convinced my mum and dad that they're a really good band by making them watch their performance!

Who was your best dressed at the Grammys?

lauren conrad beauty

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
I love Lauren Conrad, and when I got this book for Christmas off my mum and dad I was so excited to read it. After hearing amazing reviews on all of her books and reading her blog daily, I was dying to read it! The cover is a photo of Lauren looking as flawless as ever with her name and the book title.

I think that this book is maybe for beginners who've not had experience with makeup before, but professionals can also buy it too and I'm sure you'll find something you didn't already know! It has little everyday beauty tips, and even has chapters focused on stress, hair care and nails which every so often features frequently asked questions regarding that topic. 

It gives tips on makeup tools and brushes, and shows the before and after photos of using just one product like concealer and mascara. I find face mapping so incredibly interesting and there's even a full page on what your spots and blemishes mean on your face! This has helped me to reduce the amount of breakouts on my face and when I unfortunately do get a huge breakout, I know what to do to not get the same one again!

The book is filled with pretty photos of Lauren and lots of makeup tutorials that will suit everyone. I highly recommend this book if you want to learn a little bit more on the whole 'makeup and beauty' subject, and maybe even just for a fun read flicking through the effortlessly beautiful photos! My favourite section was the 'beauty through the decades' section, where she acted out and noted down about every decade style from the 20's  all the way through to the 70's. 

top 5 nail polishes

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
 I love nail polishes, and I've collected a plethora of them over the past few years. They take pride of place on my display unit in my storage racks (see post on that here) in my bedroom and I love looking at the array of colours I've collected. I was originally just going to do my top 3 nail polishes but I struggled to narrow it down to just 3 so I've extended it to 5.

 Left - right: Barry M - Raspberry // Models Own - Red Alert // Models Own - Snowflakes // Nails Inc - Elizabeth Street // Collection 2000 - Top Coat

As you might be able to tell, I love red nails. They make my nails stand out and I would definitely recommend Red Alert by Models Own if you're looking for a classic red. It's the perfect original red and I wear this practically all of the time (even now!). I also love Raspberry by Barry M and if you've already read my nail polish storage post, you'll know I have a fascination with Barry M nail polishes. They glide on so easily, but the only downside is that they take ages to dry! Raspberry is a deeper red with a hint of purple and it's also very glossy.

Do you have any recommendations for the ultimate red nail? 

happy valentines day! ♡

Thursday, February 14, 2013
Happy Valentines Day lovelies! 
Valentines Day is always one of my favourite time of the year, even though I'm over here in the 'forever alone' club. This year I said Happy Valentines Day to my mum, my dad and my younger brother because they're my favourite people in the whole world. ♥ 

So, I'm doing a little tag today which I got from Milk Bubble Tea's blogpost. So, here we go.

1. Who would be your celebrity valentine? Oooh this is such a hard one. Either the young Leonardo Di Caprio (oh my god! beautiful) or David Beckham.
2. Favourite valentine's sweet treat?  Chocolate!
3. What's your favourite type of flowers?  I love roses, like the ones above which my dad bought my mum this year. 
4. Pink or red lipstick?  Red for Valentines Day, pink for any other day.
5. Any embarrassing valentine's moment?  Yes! When I was younger, a boy brought me a bouquet of flowers, a card and some chocolates to my door and ran around the corner to hide. He came out after and asked me to "go out with him" and I said no. I felt so bad afterwards! That's what my mum and dad get out every year in the embarrasing memories every year.
6. Ever received a weird valentine's gift?  Nope
7. Ever gave someone a weird valentine's day gift?  I've never EVER sent anyone a Valentine's present...
8. Favourite love story or film? Hmmmm Letters to Juliet is cute, and The Notebook. And (500) Days Of Summer, aka the best film in the world. 
9. Favourite love song/s? Jack Johnson - Better Together. Such a cute song.
10. A date at the cinema do you get salted or sweet popcorn? I hate popcorn.
11. Are you a romantic or a realist? I think I'm kinda both, if that makes sense. I always watch romantic films and cry and think 'I wish somebody did this for me' but in reality, if it did happen I'd probably just cringe my head off and go and be sick. So, it depends.
12. What does love mean to you? I've never been in love so I don't even know.
13. Favourite cheesy movie quotes?  So many! I can't even think of one to put here!

life lately #5

Sunday, February 10, 2013
Instagram: @elisejade_ 
Diary writing // New Chelsea boots from Missguided // Pink bubble baths with pink candles are the best // Breakfast // Marc Jacobs Dot // New watch! // Chocolate and honeycomb waffle from Frankie and Bennys. So delicious // Rimmel London Apocalips in Celestial // Lush lip scrubs are amazing!


Thursday, February 07, 2013
I'm sure you've seen a million and one reviews on the new lip lacquer from Rimmel, famously known as Apocalips. Well, you're about to read number one million and one! These little tubes of redy-pinky gloop has been my ultimate lip colours for the past few weeks.

 I'm not really one for lip glosses - especially when I have my hair down! Sticky little pieces of hair coated in a layer of lip gloss. Not a good look. However, these are not majorly sticky and give an amazing pigmented colour, which smell good too! This shade is called Celestial and it's a coraly-red pink colour which looks really nice on fairer skin tones. They say they're very long lasting, and on me they usually about 3-4 hours before I have to reapply. You seriously only have to have one swipe and this amazing colour is painted on.  I love this lacquer and will need to buy some other shades!

PS: This is nothing to do with this post at all but I've been a little Instagram addict lately, and I've noticed a few people are stealing my photos and using them as their own. I'm quite proud of my Instagram photos (saddo, I know) and I'm really annoyed by this! So, if you see a little watermark in my photo, it's so that nobody can take my photo and claim it to be theirs! 
PPS: I won a giveaway, run by the lovely Sarah from Friday is Forever! 1,000 business cards coming my way. Eeeep! I'm way too excited than I should be! Huggggge mahoosive thank you to Sarah! 

life lately #4

Sunday, February 03, 2013

I love pink bath bits // Best Yankee candles // I love the Yankee Candle shop // Tired doing homework // Lauren Conrad is so pretty // Blog reading! // Current read // So glad I stocked up on this! I still have two 500ml bottles left // Cutest snowglobe I found that my friend bought me for Christmas 4 years ago!

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