My Blogging Routine In Numbers

Thursday, February 05, 2015
My blogging routine 4

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T H I R T Y : minutes spent planning new posts.
T E N : minutes deciding what I'm actually in the mood to write!
F I F T E E Nminutes gathering items to photograph & putting up my lighting.
O N E :  hour taking photos.
F I V E :  minutes importing photos and filing them into my laptop.
F O R T Y - F I V E :  minutes editing photos.
T W O :  minutes uploading photos to Flickr.
T E N :  minutes thinking of a good post title that will end up completely non-witty anyway.
O N E  hour writing the post.
T H R E E :  minutes spent proof-reading.
F I V Eminutes to label, schedule & custom-link the post.
T H I R T Y :  minutes to schedule tweets.
F O R T Y  :  minutes spent replying to comments.
O N E :  minute doing one last comment check.
T H R E E : hours + spent rummaging around the internet and probably ending up on the cats section of YouTube.

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