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Friday, October 31, 2014
October favs

Another month, another favourites post. Another month that we all complain how fast it's gone but look on the bright side - it's another month closer to Christmas! Can you believe it's only 54 days? I still can't believe how fast this year has gone in general, it only feels like yesterday that I was writing out my New Years resolutions! I always find that the transitional months are the best for makeup and it's also when I tend to splurge a little. This month saw lots of new makeup goodies and I've loved trying them out - so much so that I have a few for this month's favourites post!

The first product I've fallen in love with this month is the Revlon Photoready foundation. I have an upcoming review of this but it's honestly such a refreshing change for me to use this. I tend to stick to the same things when it comes to foundations - matte, thick and full coverage. I bought this on a whim and had no clue what the formulation or the effect was like. Quite risky, hey? Anyway it worked for me. This is a lightweight, dewy foundation that's so easy to apply and makes my skin look much healthier and glowy. I've also been loving MAC's Sumptuous Olive after reminding myself that I actually owned it when I wrote up my MAC eyeshadow collection. This is stunning for green eyes but isn't very pigmented. To pack more colour onto my lids I just wet the brush slightly and the green & gold then really shows on your eyes.

This favourites post may as well be titles "Revlon favourites with a MAC product chucked in" but Revlon are killing it for me at the moment! I also picked up the Revlon cream blush in Pinched for a bargain £3 and again, I couldn't be happier with it. It's so natural looking and gives me that flushed glow which I love to wear in the Winter time. A favourite lip look for this month is a mixture of the Revlon Matte Balm in Elusive topped with the Revlon Lip Gloss in Papaya. This is a summery kind of shade but I love to switch my makeup up by wearing it not according to the season.

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