10 Quick Ways to Improve Your Blog

Monday, March 02, 2015
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As bloggers, we're always looking to be one step up. I've been blogging for almost three years (what?!) and I've learnt that there's a few things which contribute to a great blog. You don't have to be amazing in all areas (you only have to look at my own blog to know that!), but I've put together a few simple tips to improve your blog right now.

1 . Post better content.  We're all guilty of getting struck with the dreaded blogger's block and then rushing around to publish something just to get something up. If you have nothing to post, don't post. Although consistency is great, quality is better than quantity!

2 . Clean up your sidebar.  I think this is one of the most important parts on a blog, other than content. I find there's nothing more distracting than a busy, cluttered sidebar. If the widgets in there aren't being used or aren't beneficial to yourself/your readers, get rid!

3 . Scrub up on basic SEO.   Ok, don't shoot me but SEO is important. Even though those three little words often are a cause for concern, Dana's post on Basic SEO for Bloggers is amazing if you don't know where to start. It makes a big difference once you start applying it to your blog.

4 . Vary your content.  This can be a little controversial. Up until a few months ago, I limited my blog to only beauty things but now that I've implemented some blogging & design tips, I'm enjoying blogging a lot more and I can see the results. Blog about what you love and things will work out - I promise! If you're stuck for post ideas, check out my 20 Post Ideas for All Bloggers.

5 . Use shorter paragraphs.  Unless you're writing a book, nobody is really a fan of long paragraphs. Keep them short, to the point and scannable. Lists are always a great start!

6 . Re-visit your pages.  I mentioned this in my Tips to Refresh Your Blog post and it's a great point. About and/or FAQ pages are the first things I click when visiting a new blog because I like to see who's behind it. It's inevitable that your personality will change so it's important to refresh your pages frequently.

7 . Spell-check is important!  This is a point that can take 2 minutes with some of the greatest benefits. I'm not saying to be the best author with perfect spelling but it really puts me off a blog when words are misspelt. Of course, you will end up with words accidentally misspelt but a quick check before publishing is ideal!

8 . Practice your photography.  I'm not saying to rush out and buy the most expensive camera you can find but spending a little time figuring out the settings on your camera will do no harm. Practice makes perfect, after all!

9 . Be consistent.  I mentioned in my post about Branding Your Blog that your blog is a brand which should be consistently branded. It's not as confusing as you may first think - just make sure your blog is giving the same 'vibe' across all of your social media.

10 . Clean up your design.  Personally, I'm more likely to follow a blog with a simple, easy-to-navigate design. In general I would limit three colours and three fonts - more than this can sometimes be a bit confusing.

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