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Saturday, October 04, 2014
Sweater Weather

I've actually lost count of how many times that I've mentioned how autumn is my favourite season yet never gone into detail as to why I love it so much. Crispy leaves are not the be-all of Autumn; there's the crunchy leaves, layering of clothes, candles & not to forget all of the festivities. It's the season for Halloween & Bonfire Night (two of my favourite holidays!) & the only time where you can wear a dress one day followed by a coat the next - if you live in England and experience our weather, that is.

I've began to track the 'Autumn' tag on Tumblr which I check pretty much everyday & it gets me so excited for what's to come. The weather is cold enough to wear coats but not too cold that you get frostbite every time you leave the house, the leaves change to that gorgeous shade of red that you only see for a few weeks a year & even the endless supplies of hot chocolate that might as well come straight from the tap. Is it strange that this is my favourite time of year for drinks at Starbucks & Costa? The black forest gateaux hot chocolate from Costa is one of my all-time favourite drinks & one me and my dad pick up every year. Yum.

Curling up with a good book with a purring kitten asleep on your lap whilst listening to the rain is possibly one of my favourite things, & also where I feel the most content - even more so now that it's more acceptable to.  It's even better when a good book is replace with an episode or two of The Great British Bake Off but I'll continue to profess my love for that another day. I sometimes think that I'm the only person who loves the rain (and also the smell of it). It clears my mind, refreshes everything & also makes me giggle when Meenie plays out just after the showers - she walks around and shakes her paws mid-step. So funny!

Mid-rain/thunderstorm is also the time when I love to write blog posts - perfect for the weather in England right now. It's currently the middle of Autumn & I'm curled up on the sofa with a blanket & hot chocolate catching up on some blog posts. I'm not one to complain; although the drizzly weather ends up soaking me from head-to-toe every time I step outside, the noise of raindrops on my window make it all the worthwhile. Rainy days give the perfect excuse to have lazy days. When it rains, the blankets & Netflix come out & the pyjamas are on. Orange Is The New Black is my preference but now that I finished all two seasons in a matter of weeks, I'll have to settle for something else. Clueless, Pretty Woman, Mean Girls maybe? Rainy days = lazy days!

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