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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Meenie 1 Meenie 2

Can you believe that this little monkey is one year old today?! Although we haven't had her from today (we got her on December 5th), it's so strange to think this little baby that we've gotten so used to is only one year old, today. It's very cliche/cat-mum like of me to say that she's come so far and it's true - when we first set eyes on her, she was locked in a tiny cage with 4 other kittens in a pet shop. I couldn't bare to leave her there as she was the smallest by far and getting trodden on by the eldest in the cage. The shop itself was very dodgy; she didn't come with any info regarding her diet, history or even vet appointments, just her date of birth and a tonne of fleas.

I've always been a lover of animals but cats were never my thing until I saw her. We originally got her when I left school which was a pretty traumatic time for me and it's amazing how much happiness she's brought me (minus the refusing to come home after a panic attack & forty minutes after initially shouting her when she first went exploring!) and she's been the best homeschooling buddy/partner-in-crime I could ever have asked for. I could now never imagine life without her! As a little birthday celebration, I've put together some of the photos I took from when we first got her beneath a photo of her now. I never realized how tiny she was until I looked back - she literally fit into the palm of my hand!

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