Revlon Photoready Cream Blush

Monday, October 20, 2014
Revlon Blush

Cream blushers are something that I'm only just trying to get to grips with. I'd always steered clear in fear of my face representing a children's doll, with bright pink, unblended cheeks - not my kinda thing. However, when I was in TKMaxx (I'm seriously so obsessed with the beauty section in there at the moment. Nails Inc for £4? It's a revelation!) I spotted this little cream blush from Revlon at only £3. Revlon are fastly becoming one of my favourite drugstore brands so I picked it up hoping that I could work with it somehow.

If you have the same worries as me regarding cream blushes, fear not! I slapped it on whilst waiting for my mum to try on some clothes in the changing rooms and I was so surprised with the results and how easy it was to achieve. It made my skin look much perkier & radiant. I got the shade 'Pinched' which is a lovely shimmery coral/rose shade; the kinds of shades that I love to wear in the Winter time. The formula is quite wet, not like a thick cream consistency which I would have expected. It isn't the most pigmented but I'm glad of that - it's buildable, subtle and easy to apply if you only like a small flush of colour. I also love how you can just apply it with your fingers, unlike many other powder blushes - perfect for if you're travelling or on the go!

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