A Few From The Summer

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Cornwall 1

Today's post is a spontaneous one & one that I decided to post as a contrast from the weather that I'm writing in this afternoon. We're apparently having the reminents of the hurricane in Bermuda, meaning the bins have been flown half way down the street & the house feels like it's being battered by rain. It's that windy I'm half expecting myself and Meenie to fly to Munchkinland to meet Glinda the Witch and the Tinman. I'm being serious. These photos were taken on my trip to Cornwall at the end of Summer for a week of camping with my cousins, brother and dad. Considering I was the only girl I had a really good time and took some great photos for my scrapbook!

Cornwall 2 Cornwall 3 Cornwall 4 Cornwall 5

These were taken at my favourite place in the whole entire world, Lusty Glaze beach in Newquay. If you're fit enough to walk down (and back up) 125 narrow steps then you'll end up on a private beach with a small restaurant and a live band. If you're going, it's best to go at sunset. It's stunning! I'm so happy with how these photos came out. My favourite moment of the whole trip took place here when we were all in the sea and a huge wave came in. Because I wasn't as far out as the boys (I didn't want to get my dress wet... Priorities), I didn't get thrown over but the wave, which was about twice the height of my dad, threw the rest over and when I looked behind me to see them they'd all gone under. A few seconds later they all popped up & I couldn't stop laughing. It's definitely one of those "I wish I'd have gotten that on camera for you've been framed!" moments!

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