Ebay Brushes

Wednesday, October 01, 2014
Ebay Brushes

Ebay and makeup related items are two things that are not to be mixed. After reading a true horror story about a woman buying a Benefit mascara from eBay and it turning out to be black paint and leaving her blind, I'd always steered clear. I've been looking everywhere for some cheap and cheerful eye brushes and though to myself 'a little look on eBay won't harm anybody'. What harm can brushes do, after all?

The first set of brushes I saw was this set of 5 gold eye brushes. For £1.79 and free shipping you can get a lovely set of five quality makeup brushes, so they were in my checkout cart straight away. They took a while to arrive, what with them being shipped half way across the globe, but I couldn't be happier with them! The set contains fairly similar brush shapes with a long handle and I've found a use for all five, from concealer blending to lash line smudging. They're all such good quality and the only thing I'm not keen on is the density of the bristles, but I can deal with that if they're just over 35p each!

If you're looking into buying the infamous MAC 217 brush, don't bother. There's so many amazing dupes from Crown, Sigma, Zoeva and even eBay that I couldn't justify the extortionate price tag. 217 dupes are rife across eBay, meaning it's so easy to find a dupe. I ordered this one for just 99p and it just makes my eye shadow blending life so much easier and stress free. I love it that much that I've even ordered two more, just in case. Again, this is an amazing quality brush and surprisingly, even passed the cleaning process! None of the bristles shed and it kept it's shape perfectly.

What are your favourite makeup brushes?

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