Philosophy cleanser, fragrance and moisturser

Monday, November 05, 2012

I received both of these products as birthday presents after debating whether to but them or not for quite a while!
The purity cleanser is really good and removes all make up easily. It costs just £17.50 from Boots, which is extremely good value for money because it lasts quite a long time, so you don't have to but a new cleanser every 2-3 weeks! It keeps your skin very clear and is left feeling fresh. One of my fav Philosophy products.
The 'hope in a jar' moisturiser is not as good as I thought - it does sting if you get it near your eyes. This is more expensive at £34 and I thought this was a bit too much for a moisturiser that I can pick up off the high street for much cheaper and just as good quality. The smell isn't too nice either!
I also got the 'Amazing Grace' perfume which I absolutely LOVE and smells lush! It is definitely worth £32! I would recommend the cleanser and perfume, but sadly not the moisturiser!

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