October Morning Walks

Monday, October 13, 2014
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If there's one thing that Sundays are made for, it's this - fresh air, nature and photography. Behind the constant lust of a new makeup product and the bright lights of the latest clothing store, I'm a country girl at heart and love nothing better than fresh-faced October morning walks. I've always felt more at home in wellies and a rain coat as opposed to dresses & high heels and I whole-heartedly put that down to the sheer amount of times my brother & I mithered my gran to take us for walks (if you're reading this, sorry grandma!).

I couldn't even begin to describe the amount of photos that I've taken when we're on these walks, especially now that we're making an effort to explore at least once a week! This week's excursion was to Etherow park and we're attempting to go there ever Autumn. Last year we visited here for the first time towards the end of November when the leaves were falling and I blogged about it here. This year was much busier than the last - probably because last year we were the only ones brave enough to attempt walking around in the freezing cold! We also came across this dreamy house, in the middle of nowhere & promised my mum that I'd live there one day. Who wouldn't love a gorgeous house surrounded by only hills and lakes? I would!

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