Fresh Flowers

Sunday, October 26, 2014
Fresh Flowers 1 Fresh Flowers 2

There's just something about fresh flowers that I can't get enough of and I've vowed that once I have my room completely finished, I'll try and have a vase of fresh flowers every week (much like the promise that I'd wear nail polish everyday when I left school. Over a year later and still going strong - I feel naked without it!). These are photos of some flowers that my brother and I bought for our mum's birthday & have been sitting in my photography album for months, but never had an excuse to appear on the blog. I also think there's a perfectly good excuse to buy more this week - my brother's ill. Even though he probably won't appreciate bright pink and white flowers I think that it just needs to be done.

Since the tiny re-design and re-branding of my blog I feel so motivated and have so many new post ideas to show you. I've been doing that much work that my whole 'watch page' on YouTube is full of Destiny's Child songs. It wouldn't be fun to do so much hard work without singing Independent Woman as loud as you can, after all. Just in case I'm missing anything, I thought I'd ask you if there's anything you'd like to see over here. Days in the life, specific reviews, recipes, snippets of my 12 year old diary? Let me know below!

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