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Friday, October 10, 2014
MAC Eyeshadows

I still remember the first time I bought a MAC palette, and the satisfaction of splurging the £90 that I'd saved up for months to give it a decent start. That was only the end of last year and my love affair with MAC shadows still continues. I try to pick up a shadow every time I go shopping - they're only £10 after all - and so I'm slowly but surely building up a nice little collection. We're still not at the level of makeup collecting that Shan is, but a girl can wish... And collect more! The beauty of eyeshadows is that they're so versatile, from using them to contour & highlight, to combing them and getting an amazingly unexpected smokey eye.

Nylon is one of my favourite eye shadows that I own because it's so versatile. I use this as a highlight for my inner corner, brow bone and even my cheeks because it gives a subtle glow. I tend to find MAC's Soft and Gentle MSF a bit glittery as the particles in it are too big/champagne-like so this is a great alternative.

Naked Lunch is a shadow that I barely use and is very similar to Sin from the original Naked palette. I usually use Sin over Naked Lunch because the quality of UD eyeshadows are impeccable and so pigmented. I find Naked Lunch a little hard to blend.

Omega is another of my all-time favourite eyeshadows as it's so versatile. I use this to contour my face on a fluffy brush and also use as a transition shade in my crease. If you're pale skinned and struggle with contouring, try this! It's a genius!

I don't tend to get a lot of use from Sumptuous Olive because I don't see it as an everyday colour when I look at my palette. I do, however, like using this to do a lovely olive smokey eye (which looks amazing on blue eyes!) but don't use it near enough as I should do.

Woodwinked is a shade that I bought when I heard so many bloggers rave about it in one of the #bbloggers Twitter chats. I really never use this shadow either because it's not pigmented enough for me but it does look stunning in the pan!

Cranberry is a beautiful burgundy shade that makes my green eyes pop when I use it in a smokey eye look with the Kate Moss 107 lipstick. A gorgeous Autumnal shade!

Another of my all-time favourites is Espresso. If you're beginning a MAC palette or already have one, this is the one I'd recommend to everyone. The simple, mid-toned brown that's also incredible for filling in brows & adding definition to the crease.

I bought Silver Ring on a whim for my mum after she was looking for a silver-grey shade and typical mum, she's never used it. I've not even attempted to use this yet because it's one of the newest in my collection but I think this would look lovely with a nude lip.

Smut is an eyeshadow that I thought I'd love, but haven't used nearly enough of it as I expected. Again, I find this one quite hard to blend and doesn't really pick up much product when I put the brush into it. It is a lovely shade though!

Shadow Lady is another of my newest in the collection and one that I enjoy using. I'm a lover of smokey eyes and again, the purple tones in it really bring out green eyes. This one is quite similar to Smut but slightly purpler.

Personally, I think Carbon should be a staple in everybody's MAC palette or just makeup collection in general. The typical matte black that I use time and time again for an intense makeup look and it never fails to impress.

And they are all of my MAC shadows! I currently have Call Me Bubbles, Soft Brown and Swiss Chocolate on my wishlist. What's your favourite MAC eye shadow?

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