DIY Polaroids

Saturday, July 05, 2014

There's not many things I love more than sitting down and going through old memory boxes full of photos. Nowadays our photos are stored on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and it means those special nostalgic sessions are few and far between. One thing I've loved doing lately is making my own DIY Polaroids (which are so easy and cheap to make!) and storing them in a cute memory box for me to look over every now and again.

For this little DIY you will need:
// Photos
// Scissors
// A Ruler (if you tend to make wonky lines)
// Card
// Glue

The first step is to print your photos. I used the FreePrints app (use invite code edopson2 for extra bonus prints) and imported my photos straight from my private Instagram account. This is such an amazing service and you get all of your 6x4 photos printed for free and your first 10 photos receive free delivery. It took such a small amount of time for these to be delivered and the quality is amazing. I then cut them into squares.

After your photos are all in squares, glue them on a piece of card and leave approx. 2 inches below to write your captions. To make sure all of the captions on your photos are the same size, turn them upside down and trim the tops off. 

Once the photos have been glued and the cards have been cut to the right shape, use a permanent marker to write your captions and voila! You have your own DIY Polaroids! I like to store mine in this little floral box from Tesco's and it makes a lovely little coffee table piece. Everyone who comes to your house can have a flick through your photos and if some of the people who visit are in the photos, it makes it even more special!  I think this is such an amazingly cheap way to store your photos and to make 10 of them, it cost me around £2... Amazing!

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