Meenie Updates

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Can you believe that this little cheeky monkey is almost 8 months old?! It's crazy how time flies. I still remember when we first brought her home and she spent the whole day exploring the new house and getting used to where everything is. It's so enjoyable watching her grow into herself and looking back at how much she's developed. 

She's been so cheeky lately and even brought home five birds within a matter of days. She timed the first one very unluckily for me - hiding a half-eaten bird behind my bag whilst I was home alone, forcing me to run across to my neighbors' house and asking them to move it. Gross! 

Her new favourite trick is to wake my mum up at the crack of dawn to play outside - she loves it out there! I'm lucky in the fact that she knows she shouldn't wake me up at 5am to chase birds and attack flies. It wasn't until a few days ago that I realized how much she'd grown. I was convinced she'd only grown a few inches since we got her but she's huge now! I think she's always going to be a small cat as she's much smaller than the rest of her friends but she has grown indefinitely. She may be small but she isn't half feisty!