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Tuesday, June 04, 2013
As soon as someone asks me to recommend a drug store or high street blush, Sleek is the brand which pops into my head straight away.
They have such a variety of colours and are sold individually at £4.99 or in a palette of 3 which retails at £9.99. 

One of the main factors I love about any Sleek products is the packaging.
They are so simple, effective and elegant looking with the shiny black on black plastic.
The only thing I can fault about Sleek palettes or packets is that I find them so difficult to open and they always tend to chip my nail polish!

As you can tell, it's such a beautiful shimmery rose colour and it's so pigmented. 
It also applies amazingly onto your face. The colour is very buildable but it can also be blended out to give a more natural finish.
It's an amazing price and an amazing dupe for blushes from Nars and MAC, especially Nars' famous Orgasm.
This colour looks very natural and would look perfect in the summer due to it's warm tones and shimmers.

Sleek blushes are the blushes I will recommend to everyone if you're looking for a cheap blush from a drugstore.

Have you tried Sleek blushes? 
What was your favourite shade? 


  1. So beautiful! We need Sleek in the US X(

    1. Definitely! Their products are amazing! X

  2. I have pomegranate which I love but this looks gorgeous, sleek products are just so good x

    1. That looks beautiful too!X

  3. Love how sleek the packaging is!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Happy Tuesday Hun xoxo

  4. This looks so much like the MUA blush in shade 5 I think it is. Maybe shade 3 I can't remember. I love the slight gold shimmers in this! Lilie x


    1. MUA blushes are good too, but I just find they don't stay putt for long enough! X

  5. Hey- I love your blog- so I'm nominating it for the Liebster Award,

    1. Thank you so much! I've already done the Liebster Award but thank you so much :) X


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