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Monday, July 28, 2014

For once I'm not too sure where to begin with this post. After the usual scroll down my Facebook feed, I came across this video from Bethany. I'd always been aware that bullying was a massive deal but it didn't really click on how important it actually was until after watching the video. I'd always felt like it was something that never affected me, therefore I shouldn't get involved and always turned a blind eye to it like many other people.

I cannot stress how wrong this is to do. It's not really until I watched the video that I felt like I knew and understood about 10% of the hurt that people who suffer with bullying really go through. As soon as I watched the video I messaged Beth to ask if I could share it on my blog as a small way of helping her get to what she wants to do with anti-bullying and of course, she said that's fine. So here we are.

Watching the video literally brought tears to my eyes and I was so shocked and devastated that I know people who have been bullied and I'd been too anxious to help. Throughout exam time, Bethany's posts on Instagram about never giving up and generally kicking-arse were literally giving me a massive push to get exams done and do them the best I could. I don't think she knows about how much she has inspired me as a person to both stay strong when things get tough and to help people that are in need of our help.

Here's the bit where I need your help - please just take a few minutes to watch Beth's video and share it on your Facebook wall in a bid to get her videos noticed by more and more people. I'm sure it'd mean the world. xxx

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