Operation: Organize

Friday, July 11, 2014

I'm a very well organised person and am a firm believer in that "an organised mind is a happy mind". From the looks of my work space, you'd think I was the most unkempt, untidy and unorganized person ever to have lived but in my mind, I know where everything is and that it's in its place. Organizing my blog is something that I love to do (please tell me I'm not the only one?) as it gives me a clear image in my head of what's happening and makes sure everything is in order.

I keep everything blog-related in this little notepad where I have the dates and days along the margin and what post will be going live on that day. Opposite this I have a little column with the headings P, E, W, S which means photographed, edited, written and scheduled. Once I've done one of the steps I then tick off and I know exactly where I'm up to.  I also do this with my YouTube channel except the headings are F, E, S (filmed, edited and scheduled).

I also like to keep a note of upcoming post/video ideas as well as monthly favourites and notes for my "10 Things That Made Me Happy" series. There's nothing worse than coming to write your monthly favourites and you've forgotten everything that you've loved within that month. Keeping a little note of these kinds of things can help you feel much more organized and you don't rush around in a flurry taking photos of products that you've already photographed.... Trust me, I've done that before.

As well as paper notes, I have a sheet in Google Docs where I made a calendar and colour co-ordinate where I'm up to on that particular project but if you have any other organisation tips, tell me below! Fellow organizers, we can work together on this one!

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