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Thursday, January 23, 2014
It's all well and good sitting here and talking about my favourite (or not so favourite) makeup and skincare products, but it's not that often I get to sit and talk about what I depend on a daily basis. Of course, my skincare routine (which is coming up soon, I promise!) could factor into the "daily essential" category, but I thought I'd save the nitty gritty of that for a later date.

I don't plan on changing these up any time soon so I thought it'd be a nice, different post for you to read. First of all I have my deodrant - every girl needs a deodrant. My weapon of choice is the Sanex Extra Control because it smells good and it sensitive on the skin. It's also very cheap, too.  As for shampoo and conditioner, I love the Aussie Miracle Moist range. All Aussie products smell absolutely devine and this one is specifically designed for dry/damaged hair. I recently had my hair ombred (you can see it here) so this is what I've been using to keep them from going brassy.

This Models Own nail file is something that I use almost every night in bed. I keep this on my bedside table and give my nails a quick file whilst I'm watching TV! I also love to use the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser. Again, this is cheap, chirpy and my skin seems to love it... You can't go wrong with a good moistuiser. I also use my Lush Sweet Lips lip scrub to exfoliate my lips as 9 times out of 10, I'll be wearing a lipstick. Finally is my Burts Bees Almond Milk and Honey hand cream. My hands tend to get really dry, especially in Winter, and this handy pot (no pun intended) is very useful to have nearby.

What are your daily essentials?



  1. I am always grabbing for my Bubblegum Lip Scrub, it's definitely a daily essential of mine as well

  2. lip scrubs are essentials for me too, dry chapped lips are the worlds most annoying things!

    Kassie www.styledevoured.com

  3. Nice! I am with you on the lip care front. I grab for lip balms and scrubs like crazy! Especially in the winter. Chapped lips feel nasty. Nice to keep them all buttered up :) Nice post - Look forward to the next one! :)

    Nadja from Throw me something beautiful

  4. The simple light moisturiser was the first that I ever used!! Love this post x


  5. All of these products look awesome! I've always wanted to try a lush lip scrub(:

    1. They are! The lip scrubs are beautiful x


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