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Monday, September 15, 2014
Beauty Expiry Dates

During my makeup time, I've read a lot of blogs. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. With this can often come a few myths, or just things that generally aren't true, meaning we all get fed wrong information. This can become somewhat dangerous when it comes to makeup and skincare because essentially, we're applying chemicals to the most important part of our bodies... Our faces. I've tried, tested and also researched some of the most common beauty tips and here are some of the myths I've found in the bunch.

Pumping mascara makes it last longer | This one is actually the opposite to what the myth says it does. Pumping your wand into mascara actually forces air into it and makes it even more clumpier.

You can shrink pores | Sadly, pores cannot be shrunken no matter how many times you splash your face with cold water. The good thing is you can make them appear invisible by using a primer.

Dark eyes OR lips | Another one that I've heard once too many times. Even my mum tells me that your makeup should be focused on either the eye or the lip... Complete nonsense. Don't believe me? Look here, here or here.

Makeup doesn't go out of date | Yup, it does! If you look on the back of a beauty product it should show a little tub with a time scale in it which shows how long your products should last.

You don't need suncream when it's cloudy | If you want to protect your skin the best it could possibly be protected, you need to wear suncream. Although sun rays come from sunlight, a lot of them sneak through the clouds.

Trimming your hair makes it grow faster | This is one I've never quite got my head around. How can a trim from the end make the follicle produce hair quicker?

Makeup gives you spots | As long as you're taking care of your skin, wearing makeup everyday will not give you breakouts unless you're allergic to the product.

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