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Friday, January 31, 2014
Life has been pretty poopy at the moment. I think I was definitely kidding myself when I thought 2014 would be "my year". If this is has supposed to have been "my year" up to now, I'm dreading the other 11 months. All of this doom and gloom has inspired me to try and be more positive (that, plus I have a new camera and it's almost my birthday!) so it'd be good to note things that make me happy.

I always have a cute notebook to hand to write down my extensive trains of thought. That, plus the hundreds of lists I have running around in my mind so I thought it'd be good to write some lists on the blog. The first thing that made me happy this week is this photo I took of Meenie today. We recently got into the habit of buying fresh flowers to brighten up our front room and Meenie loves them. She loves dancing around the windowsill, looking at the dogs and cars passing by. We put the flowers here and this photo looks like she's smelling the flowers - I couldn't resist sharing it with you all. It's hilarious!

The second thing that made me happy this week was my new camera! I recently got a Canon 600D as an early birthday present. My dad and I went to pick it up and even though he tried to keep it a secret from me, I found out! I've been loving taking photos with it - after using an iPhone camera for over a year it's hard to adjust to all of the different buttons! I am only able to take a maximum of 50 photos because of my silly memory card, but I've been loving playing around with it.

Finally is being in bed by 9pm. I'm an early bird and practically live by the phrase, "the early bird catches the worm". I love being in bed early, especially when I'm equipped with a cup of The Best Coffee EVER, a sleepy kitty and my laptop. To me, blogging is best when relaxed. This is when I plan and schedule the majority of my posts. Plus, my creativity also seems to strike at night!



  1. A sleepy kitten really can make you happy, such a cute little kitty face!
    Chin up! :)
    Elephant stories and more

    1. I completely agree! Thanks lovely xx

  2. I absolutely love that picture you took of your cat and your blog great job by the way!
    ~XOXO Emmie


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