the best coffee EVER

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
On the blog today we've got a cracking new little remedy that'll make you feel all fuzzy inside. What I'm talking about is what I tend to find myself calling "The Best Coffee EVER" and I couldn't rephrase it any other way. You could call it just a Vanilla coffee, but you have to admit that my re-title sounds much better. This has been my go-to drink over Winter, and if you drink it, you'll find out why.

To make this lovely little concoction, first you'll need to put the kettle on and pour a little hot water into your mug. Of course, you can use any mug of choice but I'm using my adorable little cat mug. It seriously is becoming an obsession. Once you've added your coffee to the hot water, add a few teaspoons of this gorgeous Vanilla syrup by Monin. If you're a Costa lover like me, you may notice this looks quite familiar. I bought mine from Morrisons and I've barely used any up yet. Once you've added your milk, you're done! There we have it, simple as that. You've made the best coffee EVER. PS: It tastes much better with no makeup and bed-heads.



  1. hmm sounds delicious!! I have to try your recipe!!

  2. Amazing! So simple and it sounds scrummy!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  3. Going to try this out on the weekend :)

  4. I'm a huge fan of cats so i'm loving your coffee mug! Monin syrups are the best, arent they! x

  5. Sounds fab! I'm loving your mug!


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