bioderma h20 sensibo solution

Friday, January 03, 2014
Bioderma - the hot topic of mid-2013 by bloggers all over the world. Although it's not available in stores in the UK, it didn't stop us resorting to beauty websites to snap up some of this genius micellaire solution. Bioderma comes in three sizes, ranging from £4.50 to £14.50 (currently on sale at Escentual!) it's not really breaking the bank. This has slotted perfectly into my skincare routine as a gentle cleanser and makeup remover.

As I said previously, I use this everyday in my skincare routine. I use it in the morning to gently cleanse my face, then again at night to remove makeup and it also acts as my first cleanse. The 500ml bottle will also last you forever - a few drops of it on a cotton pad and it removes makeup in a swipe. Even though it works wonders at removing makeup in just a few drops, it's surprisingly light and completely suitable for sensitive skin.

The best thing about this is that it is such a handy product in so many ways. If you're out for the night and want to feel fresh when taking off your makeup, this is the one for you. You also don't need to stand around the sink with a flannel/muslin cloth - a few cotton pads and a bin means you're good to go. It's not the cheapest Micellaire solution around and there's a few dupes (L'Oreal, I'm talking about you) but it's amazing for sensitive skin and it makes the boring task of removing makeup a delight.