fitness friday #2 - apps

Friday, January 17, 2014
Welcome back to another edition of Fitness Friday! Today we'll be talking all things app-related. I'll share some of my favourite apps with everything from help with nutrition to daily workouts. It's really handy if you have an iPhone to make a new folder called something along the lines of fitness, health, exercise, etc and store all of your apps in there so that they're easy to find. This was really useful for me so I'm not rummaging around the hundreds of apps trying to look for a group of them!

First of all is one of my favourites, My Fitness Pal. Every time I think of losing weight, this is the first that comes to mind. It really helps me stick to guidelines about how much I'm eating with everything from fats to vitamins - something I tend to lack in. Simply log in what you've eat (there's even a barcode scanner if you're too lazy to type) and it'll tell you goals, what calories you've eat and you're even able to log exercise. It's an amazing app and one that I'd recommend to everyone.

Another of my favourites is Nike+ Running. It's very rare that I actually run outdoors so I rarely ever use the GPS function but it's a handy little app to have. You can even measure how many miles per hour you've walked/run to the local shop and it's a simple pedometer in your pocket. Even if you don't use it that often, it's really fun to play around with an see how much you actually run!

Finally is the Daily Workouts series. There's five apps to download in this series - simply type in Daily Workouts and you'll find arms, abs, cardio, butt and leg workouts that can be done in 5, 8 or 10 minutes. I keep these stored in the folder I was talking about earlier and if you have five minutes to spare, pop your headphones in and follow the video and instructions on your screen. It's really that easy! 10 minutes of these exercises a day really do make a difference.

What are your favourite fitness/health apps? I'd love to know!


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