therapie boost hair & body wash

Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Having been getting into my skin and body care more recently, Roques O'Neil's Therapie Hair and Body wash is one that I've really been enjoying. I spotted this shower and hair gel whilst browsing CultBeauty (that's how I spend the majority of my days) and for only £16, it's worth a grab. I also must add that it smells absolutely delicious and definitely gets me out of bed in the morning!

This is a great shower product if you're an early bird and prefer morning showers... I must admit, I've been swapping a few of my much-loved late night soaks in the bath (with a Lush bath bomb, of course) for early morning dip-and-dashes. It is a clarifying product so is amazing for waking you up in the morning; especially in these cold Winter mornings! The smell is also enough to get someone up out of bed. It's also perfect for all skin types, even sensitive.

This shower gel contains Aloe, Rosemary and Grapefruit just to name a few. As for lather-ness, it is great but although it's become a staple in my "showering routine", I prefer to use it as shower gel and not a hair wash because it does leave a slight residue in my hair. Also because £16 is a lot of money for a shower gel in a 250ml bottle! Overall, I'd definitely repurchase. I love this stuff! And I'm currently browsing for more products in the range... Bank account, beware.



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