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Monday, January 20, 2014
A few weeks back I was contacted by an online glasses store called Firmoo, asking if I'd like to try their glasses. I accepted having only one thing in mind... Sunglasses. I'm a girl - I love sunglasses, so the offer to try some out was definitely one that I happily accepted. I'm sensing that a few of you other lovely ladies love sunglasses too. Even though it's Winter now, it's good to have a good old pair of sunnies for when the sun decides to show it's face!

The glasses I ordered were just a plain black pair that look strikingly similar to the well-hyped up RayBans. I don't actually own a pair of RayBans - they're way too expensive for me, but at only $39 or £27 these are a real steal. Plus, whilst taking the photos of me wearing them it felt like Summer. Ahh, at least we can dream of the sun! They're so comfortable to wear which is something that the majority of my sunglasses lack. I have quite a small head and so they're usually too big, thus making it more uncomfortable but these don't bother me whatsoever!

The delivery was great and I have no issues with customer service or the glasses themselves. They have such a large range of glasses I was actually shocked when I first had a look! The glasses are made really sturdy and come in a lovely case with a free glass wipe. For the price, you actually do get a lot for your money - especially when you love the design of the glasses. You can also get free shipping with the code "FREEXSHIP".

            ♥                                                                                                        *this product was sent for PR review.


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