24 Reasons Why Being 10 Years Old Was The Best

Monday, April 20, 2015

1.  Adding that gorgeous, multicolored string around your Tamagotchi so that everybody knew it was yours.

2.  Making the youngest of your friend group be horses when you tied skipping ropes around them, pretending to take a horseride. Fun.

3.  Staying up all night so that you could make your best friends some bracelets made from Scoobies. What else could you spend your £2 pocket money on?

4.  Using Facebook pretty much only YoVille, to scam people out of their money by doing a fake trade. Then your 'friends' tried to scam you out of giving them the only prized posession you had... The dog.

5.  Appear on & offline when the boy you fancied came online on MSN, just so he'd notice you.

6.  And adding so many emoticons to your MSN message that you could barely make out what your message actually was.

7.  Using your Sony Erikson brick to prank call people from school to tell them 'they stink'. Original.

8.  Having "like for a rate" on your Facebook status so you could tell people what you really thought about them.

9.  Trying to do the longest handstand & cartwheels like your life depended on it.

10.  Deciding your fashion style, best friend & which NSync member you should marry from those magazines with the free lipglosses.

11.  Bop It was the best game, and making it repeat the words "low, medium, high" over & over again was the most hilarious thing you could ever think of.

12.  When you came back from your Summer holiday after having your hair braided with colored beads meant you'd have every boy in the school fancy you.

13.  Jacqueline Wilson was all you read.

14.  You basically lived for school discos, because there's nothing better than cold hot dogs and dousing yourself in your mum's bright red lipstick, right?

15.  That time you got banned from Club Penguin for saying the word "boob"... What a rebel.

16.  If you didn't have smiley faces for your tea, you weren't doing it right.

17.  Using Limewire to download all of JLS' new songs to your MP3 player, then listening to it on repeat for 4 weeks straight.

18.  Scribbling a random design on Paint and filling in the shapes different colours.

19.  Having Groovy Chick everything was the only way to live your life acceptably.

20.  Meeting your friends at the local bowling alley so you could impress them all with your dance mat skills. Steps' 5,6,7,8 was the hardest & you were the only one who could master it... Go you.

21.  Ask Jeeves had the answer to everything.

22.  The Love Calculator told you your real destiny with you and your crush.

23.  Trying your hardest to not sleep at your sleepover in order for you to brag about doing 'an all-nighter'.

24. Thinking that having a sip of WKD would give you liver damage... Oh, I think that was just me.

What embarassing things did you do as a child?