Seychelles Candle by Ashleigh & Burwood

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
ashleigh and burwood seychelles candle review

There's no denying that I'm one of the biggest candle obsessors you'll ever talk to. My bedroom, living room & even kitchen combined has over 30 candles, from tea lights & votives to huge jars. I'm obsessed, so when Ashleigh & Burwood asked if I'd like to review the new Seychelles candle* from their Escapology range, I couldn't turn it down.

When it comes to scents in general - candles, perfumes, pretty much everything! - I like fresh scents. This one is right up my street when it comes to the fragrance, as it has a gorgeous smell which reminds me of a Summer holiday. The most surprising thing about this to me was the strength of the fragrance. Before I'd even burnt it I had it placed on my bedside table & after I walked out and come back in 10 minutes later, my whole bedroom smelt amazing. Another great thing is how the wick burns easily because not many things annoy me more than a candle which has wasted wax all down the side!

Overall I'm so impressed with this candle and after having a browse on their website, I've added many more to my wishlist.
* indicates PR sample. full disclaimer here.

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