20 Great Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers

Monday, April 13, 2015
20 Awesome Post Ideas for All Beauty Bloggers

Blogging is tough and once in a while, a slump is inevitable. I wrote a post a while back on 20 Awesome Post Ideas for All Bloggers which seemed to go down pretty well, so today I'm back with 20 more post ideas more geared towards beauty bloggers. If you'd like I could do one of these for fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers etc - let me know in the comments! :)

1. FAVOURITES -   what have you been loving this month?
2. MAKEUP BAG -  what makeup items do you carry with you?
3. TOP 5 red lipsticks, blogs, beauty brands.
4. REVIEW -   something you bought recently.
5. BRUSHES -   what makeup brushes could you not live without?
6. FAVOURITE BLOGGERS -   who are your favourite beauty bloggers?
7. TUTORIAL -  show us how you actually apply your makeup.
8. BEAUTY ADVICE YOU'VE HEARD -   the best & the worst.
9. EVERYDAY MAKEUP -  tell us what makeup you wear on a daily basis.
10. YOUR YOUNGER SELF -   what beauty tips would you tell your younger self?
11. WHY DO YOU WEAR MAKEUP? -  tell us why you wear makeup.
12. BEAUTY ICON -  who's makeup do you love & why?
13. HALF-FACE MAKEUP -  draw a line down the center of your face & see what a difference makeup makes.
14. SHOP YOUR STASH -  dig though your collection and find some hidden gems.
15. WISHLIST -  what makeup items do you have your eye on?
16. SKINCARE ROUTINE -  how do you take care of your skin in the morning & evening?
17. 5 MINUTE MAKEUP -  talk about the best products for doing your makeup in a rush.
18. FRAGRANCE -  write about your signature scent.
19. ASK SOMEBODY ELSE -  ask your mum, grandparents or friends their best beauty tips.
20. REGRETTABLE PURCHASES -  have you bought something & hated it afterwards?

what's your favourite post to read?