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Wednesday, April 29, 2015
When it comes to Lush products, everyone has their favourites. The whole aura of the shops are enough to draw in a beauty, bath or body care obsessed girl from miles away, especially when you can find the store amongst hundreds by simply following your nose. My first Lush product is one I spent a long time researching. I still remember how I felt and my excitement when I first walked into the Trafford Centre store and picked up the Space Girl bath bomb. Three years later, everyone who knows me should've had a present - whether that be birthdays, Christmas or just random presents - from me, from Lush. Any excuse I can find to pick up a bath product, I'm all over it.

Lush Bath Bomb Favourites: Space Girl and The Comforter Review

To this day, Space Girl is still one of my favourite Lush products, and one of my favourite bath bombs ever. That's a big statement but one that it's able to fill. I love it when scents can take you back to a certain chapter in your life and that's exactly what this does to me. I first bought this when I was in my third year of high school and long, relaxing, candlelit bubble baths were important for my sanity. I'm not a fan of the glitter that these are coated in so I always pick the one with the least coating but the smell of this is divine. Sweet, refreshing and parma violet-like, it's the perfect ingredient for a bubble bath.

Talking of bubbles, I can never resist picking up The Comforter whenever I'm in Lush.  The supersized bubble bar gives enough bubbles for at least two pink baths. This has minimal effort with maximum results; spend a minute or two crumbling it under the tap and you're left with a bright pink, bubble-filled bath that smells like a blackcurrant dream. I always find my skin is very soft and moisturised when I use this, which is always a plus!

What would a Lush favourites post be without a mention of Snow Fairy? For the past three years I've been stocking up on enough Snow Fairy Shower Gels to last me at least 6 months. The S.F range is only out around Christmas and I wait for it every year. If this came in perfume form, I'd be the first to buy it - that's how obsessed I am with it! If you're a lover of marshmallows, sweets and candy floss, this is probably your idea of heaven. Make sure you go into a Lush store and at least give it a sniff, but beware; once you've given it a smell you'll be hooked & anticipating Christmas just for Snow Fairy all year round!

What's your favourite Lush product?

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