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Saturday, April 25, 2015
When it comes to makeup advice, beauty hacks or even specific product reviews, there's always many places that I look to. However, depending on subject there's a few places I check. I like to decipher them into three categories; the books, the relatives and the blogs and I use these three to help me get the information I'm looking for. Of course each has it's benefits and downfalls - for example, I doubt my mum would know different ways to pull off eyeliner but I'd never have made it to my beauty loving years if she'd taught me the importance of not over-plucking my brows.

The Best Place for Beauty Advice by a UK Beauty Blog

The first category is books and where I go to be inspired. The best I've found are magazines like Porter and Company but most magazines and papers usually have a beauty section. It's where I see post ideas, new product launches and different ways to use the products. More traditional books I've found are by the likes of Lauren Conrad and Bobbi Brown. Beauty by LC is one of what I like to call a 'beauty bible' in which Lauren herself gives some beauty advice, tips & tricks as well as stories from her beginning in makeup. Definitely a great read if beauty is your thing!

Relatives are where I check in for more traditional advice and tips. I always read about/see people older than me saying that their eyebrows were majorly over plucked when they were teens but I'm so grateful my mum told me about staying away from my brows. When I did start to play around with them, she did them herself to show me how it's done. Mums are the best! If you're up for a laugh, try reading some of the worst beauty advice I've ever heard.

The most obvious one (and the one I have the most faith in!) are the blogs. I spend about 1 hour a day solely reading blogs of all kinds but this is the best category when it comes to reviews. There's a few blogs I go to for beauty reviews, mainly including Vivianna Does MakeupMilkteef Pearls and Poodles. Emma's blog also has a really handy directory which I think is a lifesaver! When I'm looking for a product that isn't really around in the blogosphere, Google is the answer - simply type the product name with the word 'blog' on the end and you'll have all of the results!

Where's your favourite places for beauty?

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