25 Things To Do On A Sunday

Sunday, April 26, 2015
25 Things to Do On A Sunday

Sundays are a day for rest. A day of relaxing, doing nothing but preparing for the week ahead. Sundays are probably my favourite days of the week purely for that reason - you don't feel guilty about doing nothing but spending the day surgically attached to your laptop. If you're bored or just fancy doing something this Sunday, here's my guide to the perfect day.

01.  Catch up with your favourite blogs!
02.  Plan for the week ahead using your favourite pens.
03.  Paint your nails.
04.  Watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars. Or five.
05.  Light your favourite candle.
06.  Take your camera on a walk & snap some photos.
07.  Drink enough hot chocolates to swim in.
08.  Give your bedroom a Spring clean.
09.  Shop until your feet hurt.
10.  Buy some fresh flowers that make the house smell fresh.
11.  Bake some cupcakes.
12.  Treat yourself to a Lush bubble bath.
13.  Practice your handwriting.
14.  Creating a playlist for your week.
15.  Catch up with your YouTube subscriptions.
16.  Read a book.
17.  Spend time with your family.
18.  Try doing some yoga to relax yourself.
19.  Pamper yourself!
20.  Have a makeup-free day.
21.  Go on an adventure.
22.  Pick out some of your favourite outfits.
23.  Pin your life away.
24.  Watch some cheesy romantic films.
25.  Catch up on sleep.

What's your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?

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