Cake Makeup

Monday, February 10, 2014
I can already tell what you're thinking by the title of this post. "Cake makeup? What on Earth is Elise talking about now?" but trust me, I'm not going mad and it'll all make sense in a second. If you read my birthday post (I promise I'll stop talking about it soon), you'll kind of know what I'm track I'm running along here. 

Yes, this was my cake with makeup bits on top - I told you I'm not going mad (yet). My aunty made this really amazing makeup kit cake that was delicious as well as gorgeous. She stuck bits of makeup on from Clinique and No7 - two of her favourite brands. I thought I'd do a little mini-review on the "cake makeup" so here you are.

The thing I was most excited about was the three little Clinique lipglosses but to be honest, they're not the best. I mentioned in my YouTube video that I'm not keen on lip glosses that are really heavy and pretty much promise lip glossed hair if you wear your hair down. The shades themselves are actually really pretty and look gorgeous on the lips but I'm not overawed by the formulation. Also from Clinique, I got the High Impact mascara but I forgot to photograph it above - it's been left in my mum's car as a "backup" - almost everyday I seem to forget mascara and keeping it in there has been a lifesaver. I love that mascara and I've worn it before. Long, volumised lashes and a really nice formula. Can't go wrong.

I also got a few bits from No7 with my favourite being the Stay Precise Felt Tip liner. I love a good winged liner and this has been one of my go-to tools for creating that. I find felt tip liners really easy to get a nice, crisp line and this one also doesn't crease, something that my mum would love. Finally from No7 is one of their High Shine lipglosses. I actually use this over some of my matte lipsticks to make them shiny and because of the minimal colour in it, it looks fine.



  1. Wow what an amazing cake I hope you had a good birthday:)x

  2. happy birthday, it lookss amazing! love it, u r one lucky girl :D


  3. This is literally the best thing I have ever seen, wow! x

  4. showing this cake to my mum, hopefully she gets the hint, it's amazing, hope you had a nice day!!!

  5. Can't get over how amazing your cake is!


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