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Thursday, February 13, 2014
Today's post is a little different and also a little update. We've just about finished decorating the front room and as it's Valentine's Day tomorrow, it's a perfect excuse to use my new camera and take some snaps. This is the theme I'm starting to run my blog along now, and I'll explain a bit more below. (Trust me, it's not as dramatic as it sounds...)

These are the posts I love to write - the ones where I don't have to explain the ins and outs of a product and I can just sit down and chat. Don't get me wrong, I love beauty reviews but these are my favourites by far. Here I've just photographed a few bits that I've been loving at the moment. Red roses, cute lamps and of course, Meenie.

So, my blog is going to attempt a different turn. When I made it my New Years Resolution to try and blog everyday, I've almost completed it so far, minus two days. However, I'm withdrawing this resolution as I feel like I'm pressuring myself into blogging. I feel like if I pressure blogging too much, it'll become a chore and that's the last thing I want happening through all the time and effort I have put into it! From now on, the majority of posts will be unscheduled and as my dad says, I'm "going with the flow".

I'm also not 100% satisfied with the content and layout. If you know any good web/blog designers, let me know below. Considering the majority of my favourite blogs are written by lifestyle bloggers, I feel like that is the direction I want this blog to go in. Don't get me wrong - you'll still see beauty reviews here and there as well as monthly favourites, but maybe not everyday! I'll leave you with some of my favourite lifestyle blogs that I've maybe taken too much inspiration from - The Londoner, Cider with Rosie and World Tour Stories.



  1. Beautiful pics, dear <3 :)


  2. These kind of posts are my favourite. They're raw, real and inspiring, even if they're so simple.
    I wanted to blog daily at one point, but my content suffered. I'd rather have 1-2 really good posts per week, than one mediocre post everyday. It makes a difference! don't feel the pressure! :)


  3. Beautiful photos Elise!!! :))

    I love that you are going to do a lifestyle blog (its cheaper to run too haha ;) )

    kathrynscupcakes.blogspot.com xx

  4. lovely pics Elise and your cat is so sweet xx

  5. your little kitten is so cute. I do blog designs for £10 just to let you know


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