A Day In York

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Remember way back when I told you all about my new camera? Yes? Well, what better to get to grips with it than to take it on a road trip to the city of York. I'd never been to York before, but already it is one of my favourite cities that I've ever been to. Budding photographer or just general tourist, this place is absolutely gorgeous and it was good to just have a day exploring.

Isn't family time just the best? The streets are so beautiful and the oldy-worldy feeling means you can easily get lost learning about the history of the streets. It's great being a tourist in your own country - that's one thing I love about living in England. Although the weather might be a little (or a lot) on the poopy side, you're pretty much guaranteed to find everything you'd ever want to see - but perhaps not white sands and blue seas -  you'll have to go further South for that.

We visited York Minster, the Shambles and of course, my brother's favourite place to eat, Subway. What's that they say about not being able to take the city out of the boy? We lit candles in the Minster for loved ones and perhaps took way too many photos with my camera... It might have been over 300...  It was over 300.


  1. Awwww this is so cool! I really want to visit the UK one day!


  2. Lovely photos, I've always wanted to go to York and you've really inspired me to go now :o) Xx

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  3. I love York, especially shopping there!

  4. York is such a lovely place! Your pictures are lovely + I've tagged you to do the 'blogger made me by it tag'! Check out my blog for the questions :) x


  5. Awah, the houses looks so cute and rustic! :D I love visiting places like this!
    Great pictures too! What camera did you get? :D
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