This Week #8

Sunday, February 02, 2014
It's my birthday week! It's been a pretty good week - I got my new camera and so many other presents that I'm so thankful for. I also went for a meal with my family yesterday which was lovely - look out for photos arriving on here soon! For the eighth time, here is my week in photos...

The Best Coffee // Birthday hair and makeup // NARS Sheer Glow // Beyonce tickets came! // Things that make me happy
Product of the Week: For me, the product of the week has to have been my new camera. I got the Canon 600D for my birthday from my dad and I am so in love with it. Because I'm attempting to post more of my life on here, I've been loving using this to take photos of my clothes and family to share with you all!

Launch of the Week: This year, my birthday has fallen in a pretty good spot. There are so many launches coming out over the next and previous few days that it's a good place to ask for birthday presents! The launch that I've found the most exciting, however, is Tanya Burr's Lip and Nail collection. I am a regular watcher of her YouTube videos and all of the shades in her lip and nail line are absolutely gorgeous. I'm definitely feeling a review on those soon!



  1. Your photos are so pretty, hope you had a nice birthday! x

  2. Hope you had a lovely birthday!! So jealous of the fact your going to Beyonce's tour; I hope you have a lovely time though x

  3. So happy for Tanya, her products look lovely! And I hope you had a great birthday, getting the Canon 600d must've been so exciting! x

    Kathryn |

  4. Ahh I really want to try this Sheer Glow! :)

    Happy Birthday!!

    Kathryn x


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