5 Super Easy SEO Tips for Bloggers

Sunday, March 29, 2015
I know that for some bloggers, the sight of these three little letters can send shivers down your spine. I know, because I was the same a few months ago. I dreaded searching & researching what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was because when I first began blogging, I'd seen a huge ebook on what you should be doing, which totally put me off. I then began dipping my toe into it to see what I would learn and to my surprise, it wasn't that hard. Here's five of my tips to make your blog more SEO-friendly.

This definitely is a major bugbear for me. I think the best tip to creating a great post title is to name it what you would type in Google. If it's a post on how to find a foundation that has the right coverage, undertone & formula, call it "How to: Find Your Perfect Foundation". This way, people have a higher chance of stumbling upon your content because it's titled what they're looking for.

Another tip I think is majorly important for SEO is to name your images. This includes naming them something relevant to the post before uploading, instead of IMG_4268. You could also give your images Title and Alt text. This makes them more likely to come up in a search engine's image section. To do this, click on your photo, go to properties & add your text.

how to enable image properties blogger

A tip that I've only discovered recently is to enable Search Description. To do this go to Settings > Search Preferences > Description > Enable Search Description. Once you've done this you're able to add a custom description in a separate post, using a couple of your keywords. This is the little bit that you see when you see your link in Google.

Whilst you're still writing your post & you're able to see your Post Settings, it's essential that you create a Custom Permalink using your keywords. This again increases your chances of a person stumbling upon your blog when they're doing a random Google search.

custom permalink blogger seo tips

Backlinks are not a quick fix, unlike some of the tips I've mentioned above. Backlinking is basically linking back to your blog from other places. This can be done two ways; commenting on other blogs with your link or linking to old posts in your new ones, like I did in the first tip. This builds your 'reputation' with search engines. You can use this code below to link your blog with text for a comment on somebody else's blog.

<a href=YOUR URL>< TEXT </a>

What's your ultimate tips for improving your blog's SEO?